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Jambo, I'm Michael Theys! 🙂

Africa Freak. Entrepreneur. Dreamer.

Karibu (Welcome)

Jambo (Hello), this is Michael Theys.

Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Nature Lover.

I Help People Live Their Dreams.

More specifically, I connect people with the digital marketing training they need to create a business and life they love, so they can ultimately live their dreams.

While originally from Belgium, I fell into Africa’s “magic potion”, so to speak, when I was a little boy. 😉

In fact, I’ve had the chance to live on African soil for over 23 years.

Some people know me as “Africa Freak”, and rightfully so. I love Africa with all my heart.

Africa Freak is also my main website. Check it out here!

I Believe in Dreams.

I Believe in Humanity. Fascinated with the Nature of Reality.

I Believe in YOU.

What’s Your Dream?

If you’re anything like me, you might consider yourself a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”.

“Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about building a business around your lifestyle, rather than a lifestyle around your business.”

Lewis Howes

I Can Help You Succeed Through Digital Marketing!

You deserve a life and business you love. Let me show you how to turn your interests and passions into products that serve others, supporting a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity. FREE video series revealed.